Can’t get out of bed – is it work related stress?

It is Sunday, the dread slowly creeps up around you like a clinging fog, seeping into your body. As the day goes on the dread gets stronger, the worry starts, the anxiety creeps in. You feel irritable, grumpy snapping at the ones you love, eating up what precious relaxation time you have worrying about work. It gets to the evening, you have a glass of wine, maybe one or two, the bottle gone….you don’t care…… anything to blot that dread of going into work the next day. You stagger to bed, toss and turn worrying and overthinking. The alarm goes off the anxiety is really building up, you get up and realise you are just functioning in life, your existing and surviving……..are you facing work related stress? Continue reading “Can’t get out of bed – is it work related stress?”