Counselling and Coaching in
Paignton in Devon near Torquay & Newton Abbot 



 Offers one to one, face to face counselling and coaching in Paignton, Devon.
Some of the areas I work with are:
Stress within the work place


Feeling stuck?

Are you worrying all the time, do you feel frightened and anxious?

Feeling sad and lonely, that nobody understands how you feel?

Are you feeling stuck in your job, is the routine of life getting you down,
surely there must be more to life than this ?


Maybe it's time to -

Manage your anxiety, so you can get a good nights sleep,
facing the day feeling refreshed and looking forward to the future.

Understand what you want in your life and be able to explain to others
what you feel and want.

Talk through your beliefs, patterns and behaviours,
hear your own voice and recognise you are good enough.


Do you wish you could talk to someone, so it would all make sense?

Take the first step and contact me today...

Give me a call on 07548 606772

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I look forward to hearing from you…

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