What issues do you work with?
These are some of the issues I work with.....

Stress within the workplace

When you enjoy your job, you feel happy, fulfilled and have a sense of satisfaction.
However when you feel stressed through work, you can feel unhappy, worried and feel like it is taking over your life.
It can effect your home life, relationships, sleep, appetite, confidence and self esteem, to name just a few.

  • Do you ever wake up in the morning filled with dread having to go to work?
  • Have you taken a sick day to avoid work?
  • Do you have mood swings, feel irritable, frustrated, angry and even aggressive?
  • Do you feel powerless and frightened?
  • When you are stressed at work it can feel overwhelming, especially if you feel you have no one who understands what you are going through, often feeling isolated and lonely.

Anxiety and Depression

  • Do you feel that you are trying to do it all?
  • Are you trying to balance life? 
  • You want to enjoy life however you feel stuck and bored.
  • Do you feel fearful about the future?
  • Are you an overthinker, waking up at night and worrying?

If you feel any of the above, maybe it is time to talk.

To find out more about me, my experience go to the About Me page.

Does therapy work?
At the first session, I understand that you will be feeling apprehensive and this is perfectly natural, after all we have never meet before.

This session is to get to know each other better, for you to decide if I am the person you want to work with, clarify what counselling/coaching is and for us to discuss what you want from the work we will do together.

I do believe you need to be ready and choose to come to counselling.

Then.......imagine having a safe and confidential place to come to each week, going at your pace, to have a caring judgment free person you trust, to listen to all the thoughts you have had in your head as you say them out loud, to explore your feelings, for you to make sense and come up with new ways of looking at things.....that is when I think therapy can really work.

Where are you?
I have a private therapy room in Paignton.

Room - A Plus Counselling

Ok, I think I would like to start, how do I get hold of you?
Give me a call so we can discuss it further or text: 07548 606772 and if I don't answer…..don't worry, just leave me a message so I can contact you back.

Or complete the contact page on this website and, if you haven't heard back from me within two days, please try contacting me again

Email - andrea.sutton@apluscounselling.co.uk