Do I make my world stressful, or does the world make me stressed?

How do you view your world?

Is it full of stress? anxiety? fear? worry? negativity?

However if you look at the context of the whole world – is it really all stressful, anxiety ridden, fearful, full of worry all the time and everyone you meet is negative – everywhere you go?

If you feel it is, have you ever considered that maybe it is how you see the world……and if it is……are you creating your world by the way you look at it, not what is going on in the world?

If the whole world was totally consumed with stress, anxiety, fear, worry and negativity and everyone saw it that way……then how do people get anything done, how do people get on public transport, fly, travel, go to work and have relationships?

When you see the world through those fearful, stressed eyes, then that is how the whole world will seem to you…….yet it is down to the way that you look at the world that will make you feel that way.

When you approach the world with a mindset of fear and negativity, you see fear and negativity everywhere.

When you approach the world with a mindset of positivity, happiness and joy… see positivity, joy and happiness in the world.

So the world does not make you fearful, negative, happy or positive……

Your approach and mindset creates those realities to you in your world……..only you make your world, not anyone else.

Why not adjust your mindset and see if your view of the world changes.