Is acceptance giving in?

If you accept who you are, does that mean you have given up and therefore a failure or is it strength and finding peace…….?


How many of you struggle in accepting the parts of you that you don’t like?
Do you fight with yourself?

Imagine you suffer with self sabotage and its friends……. procrastination, perfection, fear, you reflect on the past or worry about the future. You want to do something, for example write a blog or put something on social media.

That self sabotage of yourself rears up and puts obstacles in your way…..

‘I can’t do this’
‘people will judge me’
‘who’s going to listen to what I have to say’
‘this is never going to be perfect enough’

and so on.….

So instead of getting on with the writing, you end up fighting with those parts of yourself, breaking down the walls you have put up…… spend all day blaming yourself, because you can’t gets things done, and then you think and worry about it the rest of the time.

Life can be difficult enough at times, by not accepting those parts of you, it can feel more of a struggle, a bit like wading through treacle and you feel tired all the time.

Stop for a moment and relax, instead of fighting, accept that you like to be perfect in things you do, you procrastinate….loads of To Do lists, yet nothing crossed off, you fear what people may think about you and so on……..that is who you are.

It takes strength to accept and make peace with yourself for exactly who you are (warts and all!!) and is a healthy practice of self care.

After all the person you are going to spend the most time in your life with, will be you. Therefore accepting who you are and making friends with yourself makes sense (it is a long and miserable life being with someone you don’t like!!)

– Stay in the present and concentrate on what you are doing,
– Decide and do that one thing,
– Be mindful and notice if your thoughts wonder to those negative aspects of yourself,
– Bring your mind back to the present, in the here and now.

When you stop fighting do ideas and life start flowing, do you find things get done?

Give it a go……

Go with the flow and with joy and passion watch your life grow….