It’s ok, I’ll wait until I’m perfect at it, before I try……

When you find joy in not being perfect, that is when it is perfect….

What stops you from starting something?
Is it because you can’t be perfect at it first time?
However how can you be perfect at it unless you start?

It is hard when you have a perfectionist approach to life and it can be quite inhibiting. You can miss out on so much, because if you can’t be perfect at it, you won’t even start, even though the irony is that you won’t be perfect at anything if you don’t start!!

Do you find it hard to do something, maybe a hobby or try something new just because you can?
Are you the person who sees whatever you do has to have a reason/justification, and you don’t feel you can do it just for fun?

Well if that is the case for you, how about relaxing a bit more. What is that one thing you have always wanted to do…….why not just start it without overthinking it, just start – one step at a time.

Lets look at a simple example of starting a creative hobby such as crochet…….
pick up the needle, feel the wool around your fingers, make the first knot, cast on a few stitches…… too tight take it back and start again, change the needle or wool, start again. Cast on the stitches again, still not right?…..take it back and start again……and breathe.  Cast on the stiches again, then crochet the next row, see the pattern emerge, the colour blend, the project grow.
Reflect on what you have achieved and how you have started something new.

So when you want to try something new…..
– Remember you are not going to be perfect in the beginning!!
– Make the decision to start, don’t think……RELAX
– Start the project……take the first step.
– If it goes wrong, change and adjust and start again until you feel happy.
– Breathe, relax and keep at it.
– Review what you have achieved and pat yourself on the back for trying something new.
– Watch the project grow as you become more ‘perfect’ at it.

So when are you going to start that project?……….