Think, think and then think some more……..

It is 4am
I know I like to think through a problem or two,
Yet overthinking again has robbed me of my sleep,
Peace and calm are nowhere to be seen,
Tiredness descends my body,
Even when a light sleep appears, overthinking invades my dreams,
At times like this I get my best ideas, overthinking I despise, yet love you,
Overthinking it is time you stop being my enemy and become my friend.

Overthinking…..a comment from someone can start it, then your judgement of yourself can take over, questioning yourself, something goes wrong……..bang it starts……..overthinking.

Just as you go to sleep……bang it starts…..overthinking…….I can’t try something because I’m no good, what am I going to do, that decision I have to make…..oh why can’t I just sleep…….no, let’s go over something from last week, last year, from my childhood, first…….over and over it goes……

You judge you……I shouldn’t be like this, others remind you that you are ‘overthinking it, don’t worry, just relax!!’……..if only you could, now you are really going to overthink what has been said to you……maybe they are right, you need to change to be accepted……no matter how much you try, you feel you can’t change. So you go quiet and keep it inside and now you are in the place of overthinking the overthinking!!

So what could you do about it?

Do you fight and judge yourself for being an overthinker?…….. I know, just that thought brings on another session of overthinking

If you have been fighting with being an overthinker all your life why not for the moment try and accept that’s who you are and it is perfectly ok to be you.

Yes it is perfectly ok to be you, so what if you think and analyse more deeply than others, what does that matter?….. that’s who you are.
Once you accept it…….. others will to.

Deep breath and a sigh of relief – try saying……
‘I accept who I am and that’s ok’.
‘I am proud I think and analyse deeply, it helps me see the world from my unique point (and it makes up for those who don’t !!)’

Make some notes…..have a splurge page.
Look you know you are going to be there lying awake or waking up in the middle of the night thinking – for now accept that this is what happens. Now you can use that time by lying there thinking or you can write it down. Use a note app on a phone, tablet or computer or have a traditional pad and pen to capture your thoughts. Pour all those thoughts onto paper, that’s it, get every one of them out…..just keep writing until there is no more.

Go slow……and focus.
Take time to slow down, take some deep breaths and relax your body.
Keep in the present, really focus on the task in hand, every time your mind drifts, bring it back to what you are dong.

Talk it through…..
Maybe you feel it is time to talk to someone, whether that is a good friend or a family member.

If you overthinking is getting out of hand, worrying is taking over and you are getting anxious…..consider talking to a therapist, to help you understand why you overthink so much.

Don’t let overthinking consume you…….take some action.