What will people think of me if I go to counselling?

I want to raise the awareness around counselling – what is (or isn’t), to take away the mystery, so people can gain understanding and ultimately feel comfortable seeking counselling if they need it.

What will people think of me if I go to counselling?

‘People will think I am useless, weak and can’t cope if I go to counselling’……..

This is what you may think people will say about you if you go to counselling, however I think very differently.

These are my thoughts…..

It is the brave person that admits….

‘my behaviour isn’t right and its affecting others’
‘I am just not enjoying life, I’m not happy’
‘I feel so stuck, lost and lonely’
‘I don’t know what to do’
‘my anxiety is getting out of hand and I can’t do the things I want to do’
‘things aren’t right in my relationship’
‘I’m feeling scared about what is going on in the world’
‘I’m not coping with life and I don’t really care’
‘I need some help….’

It takes courage to seek that help, to realise what they have done to cope before is not helping anymore, in fact things are starting to feel worse.

It takes strength to decide to go to counselling, to find a counsellor and make the first appointment…….to push past their fears of opening themselves up to a stranger, to be prepared to face their thoughts and feelings, to gain a greater awareness and growth, to look at how they can make changes and to actively seek a better way of life.

No its not weak, your are not useless and it doesn’t mean you can’t cope if you go to counselling, it means you have self awareness – in fact I have great admiration for those that take the first step…….

The counsellor is not to there to judge you, they are objective, impartial and unconditional, they seek to understand how you see your experiences from your point of view and are bound by a confidentiality agreement that they will discuss with you.

They want the very best for you……

If you know someone who is struggle or trying to make up their mind up about counselling and you feel this blog could help, please feel free to share.