When to ask for help?

Being Miss Independent(!!) I am rubbish at asking for help….

This is what I put at a beginning of a Facebook post when I wanted some help.
Literally when it comes to asking for help of any kind, my mind gremlins are shouting at me…….
‘you should know how to do it’,
‘you are a failure if you need others’,
‘why can’t you do it’ and so on.
I guess my mind gremlins can be a bit harsh sometimes. And I listen to them, think I should be perfect and boom I don’t ask for help and get stuck.

And then when I do ask for help, I struggle to accept it!!

As a close family member said to me recently ‘You make it hard to love and help you’.

Is it just me? or do you feel this way?

So what do I do?

Well I go to yoga and at a recent workshop we looked at making an intentions list for the year. Imagine money wasn’t an issue, what would you do this year? So along with a list of places to visit, new car, to meet up with old friends and to be fit, I also added and put up the top…….
Ask for help and support.
To let the love, support and help in, open to receiving from others.

Because what I realise is that we all need help and support at times in our lives, it isn’t a weakness to ask for help. And people like to help and I have found support from the most unexpected places.
Also I have taken that feedback on board, I am working on not being Miss Independent and I am letting others in.

What about you, do you ask for help, do you let others support you? If you don’t……..what stops you?

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