Attitude of gratitude.

There is so much talk about having an attitude of gratitude.

So who do you know that has that attitude?…….do you have it?

Does it help in every day life, if you have an attitude of gratitude?

Now imagine if you can……… that person that isn’t very happy with life, you know the moaner, gossiper and someone who is plain negative…….have you a person in mind?
What are they saying……
It’s not fair,
It’s not my fault the way things are,
I wish I had…….
It’s alright for them, they have money, a head start etc,
If only I had a better start in life,
I don’t have a choice,
Nothing good happens to me.

How does it make you feel to hear someone so ungrateful?…….. miserable? someone you want to avoid? ……. is it someone you really want to be around?

Now imagine if you can…….that person who has a grateful approach to their life, the one that is smiley and happy most of the time, likes to talk nicely about people…….have you a person in mind?
What are they saying……..
Thank you,
You look really nice…….,
I enjoy my life,
I love my family
and friends,
I take responsibility for my life and who I am,
I appreciate…….,
I have made the best of things with the resources I have,
I’m doing ok, thanks.

I am guessing you would like to spend more time around that person, they have a positive influence on you and make you feel happy.

Maybe it is time to look for that group of people who have an attitude of gratitude, you will probably find it a nicer, happier and positive club to be in.

Choose the group of people you hang out with wisely!!